We are the Duketow (duKETow) family...

Rhythm and Grace is the DuKETow family. They live in the beautiful farm country near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada surrounded by fields, forests, lakes, and rivers.

Miriam and Alex began writing songs together when they first met. Marriage, children, then music lessons have led to a dynamic home-life filled with music from morning till night. The children, Caleb, MaryGrace, Bethany, Rachel, Madeline, Monica, Kristen, Stephen, and Marissa range from 4 to 19 years old. They contribute to the family music with their fiddles, step-dancing, angelic singing, accordion, electric bass, guitar, piano, and the Irish whistle.

The family is often out providing Celtic Gospel concerts. When they're home they are building a rapidly growing repertoire of original songs and instrumentals. In their songs you will hear Celtic and Bluesy tones accented by vocal harmonies and percussive step-dancing. 


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